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What does it take to preserve my lifestyle in retirement?

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Kidbrooke builds seamless wealth experiences leveraging predictive forecasting by accessing our financial simulation engine through its versatile APIs

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OutRank Pension Planning

Historically, a generous defined benefit provision coupled with robust social welfare afforded a more passive approach to pension planning. Now, as average/final salary schemes continue to recede, there is a much greater personal imperative on accumulators to ensure that our lifestyles are protected in our golden years. In the UK financial advice...

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by Kidbrooke
| 15/10/2020 12:00:00

Modern technology allows banks and insurers to grant a 360-degree view of your personal finances and to intelligently measure your relationship with uncertainty. That way, you could receive high-quality and personally tailored financial advice on how to plan for your pension, making sure that your golden years are spent with comfort, independence and confidence in the future.