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GRACE for IT Risk / Privacy Management

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Ensure data privacy and security management over client information and address data privacy regulations

Monitor your IT systems and outsourced systems to manage their security and privacy of data provisions of GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, PIPEDA and other privacy regulations

GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, Canadian Privacy Act PiPEDA and other worldwide privacy laws that are being released, mandate organizations have stringent security over client information whether being managed internally or by vendors. Keep track of data inventory and the protection in place for them, client consent to the use of their data and proper processes are in place for breach management GRACE systems help manage the process as expected by the regulations.

The GRACE platform is built on an industry-standard Oracle stack and can be deployed on-premises (where Oracle is available), in the cloud, and in private/hybrid certified cloud environments.

Our cloud-based offering is available in multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and throughout the European Union, ensuring that data remains within the customer's jurisdiction to meet regulatory and end-customer needs. Data privacy, data protection, security, reliability, and availability are taken seriously and have been designed into the product from the ground up.

You can integrate into your source systems and enhance its capability to make it your own system.

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