Solution introduction

Powerful general ledger interface

OneLedger is a powerful general ledger interface which allows financial transactions from various external systems to be converted into GL postings for importation into the core general ledger. The system also maintains account balances and allows adjustments to ensure that there is a GL reconciliation between the two systems. OneLedger also supports the creation of Nostro entries which can be used for interfacing to the central treasury system for funding purposes.

OneLedger includes the following key functions:

  • Flexible creation of GL posting keys by customer types, transaction type/subtypes, instrument type/subtypes, cost centre, currencies types, etc
  • Capability to upload parameter settings and accounting keys for ease of set-up
  • Ability to generate accounting entries of different event types, e.g. Trade Date, Value Date, Dividend/Coupon Payment Date, Maturity Date, etc
  • Ability to generate different accounting entries for event amounts, e.g. Gross Amount, Commission, Trading Fees, Brokerage Commission, Net Amount, Quantity/Nominals, etc
  • Summary of GL posting entries on screen and possibility to extract these into a spreadsheet
  • Maintains full GL balances for account reconciliation with the core GL system.
  • Provision of transactions report for missing setup of account keys
  • Allows the manual input of accounting entries, with 4 eyes validation, for performing adjustments where required
  • Ability to send entries to different external systems, i.e. postings and accounting entries to the accounting system and Nostro movements to be sent to the treasury system for funding purposes
  • Flexible interface definition to receive input from a variety of transaction processing systems

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