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Visual Vest: Digital asset manager, robo advisor

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With OPAL's Goals-Based Planning Solution, we aim to translate client’s financial goals into an optimal investment strategy reflecting their personal ambitions, cash flows and risk appetite. Additionally, Ortec’s solution links investment portfolios to financial goals and tracks the progress over time on a daily basis, based on actual portfolio values...

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by Ortec Finance
| 30/11/2018 12:00:00

Ortec Finance has been providing advice on key elements of the customer journey for wealth planning to VisualVest since 2015. VisualVest is a digital asset manager, also called Robo Advisor. This online platform has primarily been using OPAL as an anchor point for personalized advice in combination with expertise in goal-oriented investing.

VisualVest was founded in 2015 as a 100% subsidiary of Union Investment, one of the leading fund management companies in Germany and part of the German cooperative financial network. VisualVest serves as a research and development lab for this network, which is one of the most extensive banking service networks in Europe, with 915 institutions and 11,108 branches. The company’s main purpose is to gain knowledge about the development and distribution of digital financial tools and to share this knowledge with the members of the German cooperative financial network. As a result, a white-label solution of VisualVest named “MeinInvest” was successfully introduced to several hundred banks of the network.

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