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Owen James: An introduction to the business

Video interview with James Goad, Co-Managing Director

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A Meeting of Minds

A Meeting of Minds is a bi-annual series of strategic forums bringing together the CEOs and CIOs of the largest wealth managers, private banks, discretionary fund managers and multi-family offices. Each event is built around a series of roundtables allowing product and service providers,consultants and regulators to work through the key...

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What is it? Building on A Meeting of Minds, Owen James is excited to announce the launch of oneMIND. A digital platform for financial services to table their biggest challenges, and by tapping into the ‘crowd’ identify the best actionable ideas and solutions - as well as fostering best practice.  Why are we...

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by Owen James Group
| 20/06/2018 09:13:55

We spoke to James Goad, co-managing director of UK-based events and research firm in the wealth management sector, Owen James (click on the purple 'View Solution Provider Profile' button to the left to learn more about Owen James).

James gave us a quick introduction to:

  • A brief introduction to Owen James, what the business was set-up and what it does now
  • How the firm sees the wealth management sector, what parts of the sector it serves and what it sees happening
  • How the firm supports the needs of the sector
  • What the firm is focused on now and what is coming next

Thank you to James for his time.