Solution introduction

One total solution for your evolving complex needs

At a glance

  • 65% revenue growth over 5 years - a large bank launched a new fee-based program on our platform.
  • 60% of top 50 Canadian advisors - they rely on us to accurately calculate their fees and prevent revenue leakage.
  • 0 regulatory fines - none of our clients have been fined by regulators for incorrectly charging client fees.
  • $1B+ fees per year - total amount of fees calculated annually on our platform.

Reduce total cost of ownership

  • Minimize risk

Revenue management is a high risk area for any wealth management firm. Billing errors can lead to revenue leakage, regulatory fines and reputational damage. Our solution helps you manage your risk and control back office costs.


  • Optimize operations

Our clients handle fees for multiple lines of business on the same platform, including mass market, mass affluent, high net worth and institutional offerings


  • Anticipate evolving needs

​​​​​​​Your business is constantly evolving and so are your needs to handle new fee structures and billing methods. We have a decade-long track record of helping our clients with their evolving needs.

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