Solution introduction

Automate taxes on your Stripe transactions

Stripe Tax lets you calculate and collect sales tax, VAT and GST with one line of code or the click of a button. Know where to register, automatically collect the right amount of tax, and access the reports you need to file returns

Don’t let taxes hold you back
Internet businesses are required to collect taxes in over 130 countries and in most US states. Staying compliant can be challenging, especially as your business scales. Tax rules and rates change constantly and vary based on what and where you sell. If you ignore these complexities, you risk paying penalties and interest on top of uncollected taxes.

We built Stripe Tax to simplify tax compliance, so you can focus on growing your business.

Tax compliance made simple

  • Get started in minutes - collect taxes around the world by adding a single line of code to your existing integration or clicking a button in the Dashboard.
  • Know where to register - Stripe Tax monitors your transactions in each market, so you know when and where you need to register to collect taxes.
  • Automatically collect taxes - Stripe Tax determines your customer’s precise location and always calculates and collects the right amount of tax. It also validates the EU VAT ID number when needed.
  • File and remit with ease - speed up filing and remittance with comprehensive reports for each market in which you’re registered.

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