Solution introduction

The consultancy for when you're tired of consultancies

Had enough of 25-year-old MBAs telling you how to run your company through the medium of 150-strong slide packs at £1k per slide? You’ve come to the right place

The lang cat has been changing the platform, pension and investment market for the better one company at a time since 2010. We know our stuff. We know your stuff. And we know your customers’ stuff.

We balance unparalleled technical understanding, industry experience and know-how with the ability to produce engaging and accessible output. And no 150-strong slide packs. Ever. But it’s not just about working to engage customers, your own team matters too and our material is highly useable at any level. It doesn’t matter if you’re global, have a pedigree tracing back to Regency times or are a FinTech provider just starting out – we’ve helped them all.

Our data research and analysis team is the best in the business, combining extensive life company and platform experience with a genuine love of data and what it can tell us – if only we ask the right questions.

Our specialism is regular, programmed market intelligence which we currently provide to a number of companies, including FTSE 100s.

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