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Using technology to engage with clients: The view from Moxtra (part 2) - their solution offering

Q&A with Leena Iyar, Head of Marketing at Moxtra

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 10/07/2020 10:57:24

What solution does Moxtra offer the market and how do you help wealth management firms meet the increasing needs of their clients?

In today’s world, it is imperative for your business to ensure continuity through digital interaction with customers, from anywhere. Moxtra powers OneStop Portals, which function as branded virtual branches of business, ensuring continuous engagement with clients over a highly secure platform. The OneStop App platform mirrors traditional brick and mortar organizations with tailored roles and permissions alongside bank-grade security and compliance standards.

Prior to Moxtra, Citibank India faced a number of limitations when creating a viable digital solution. The bank had begun to enable chat and video banking, but the product had disjointed experiences on desktop and mobile and a lack of document exchange and collaboration. As a result, the customer usage was non-existent. When Moxtra partnered with Citi to power Citi Hello, clients were able to message, call, and video chat with relationship managers and other experts through the bank’s customer portal. Through Citi Hello, powered by Moxtra, relationship managers can now share documents, provide advice on asset classes, execute deals, get signatures, exchange notes and launch video meetings, and more, all from within their branded app, keeping all interactions saved with a full audit trail.

Rather than connecting with clients over a variety of disparate channels, the OneStop App is your own branded hub that keeps all business communications in one place with an integrated suite of collaboration capabilities such as text, voice, and video messaging, digital signature, transactions, task management, annotated notes, scheduling, and more, all while retaining an auditable transcript of business communications. Your OneStop Portal provides your management with a single pane glass to oversee client engagement and responsiveness from your business teams and maintains client profiles that persist within your organization through Relationship Manager transition. The Moxtra platform can be easily deployed, as either your own white label application or an extension of your existing digital strategy, for both mobile and web.

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