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WealthTech Views Report: The rise of ESG in wealth management - issue 1.1

The second issue of our WealthTech Views ESG Report is now LIVE!

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 29/03/2022 06:00:00

The consideration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (‘ESG’) issues is not new for wealth managers; however, in recent years, it has moved from being a peripheral concern to being a critical component of investment decision-making. The shift in attitude has been caused by a wide range of factors, such as the increasing awareness of climate change, the apparent benefits strong corporate responsibility has on company performance, as well as the realization that the next generation of investors take these issues very seriously and therefore wealth managers must respond to remain relevant. 

In September of last year we were proud to release the first issue of our WealthTech Views ESG Report, which contained the viewpoints of nine ESG-related technology vendors on how ESG issues are impacting the sector today, what are the opportunities and threats, what solutions they offer and more. Now in March 2022 we are releasing issue 1.1, which features an updated introduction and the contributions of two new vendors, Nucoro and SS&C Advent, bringing the total to 11 industry viewpoint articles in addition to the foreword by industry expert and CEO & Founder of TBLI Group, Robert Rubinstein. This report is an essential resource for any wealth management firm looking to understand the state of ESG technology in the sector today and you can access it for free by clicking the link below.

Please click the image below to access and download the full report. A compressed version is also accessible below the image.

Click here to download a compressed version of the report.