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Fundipedia and Kore announce partnership to create end-to-end product lifecycle and data management solution for asset managers

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| 29/11/2022 11:06:11

Fundipedia and Kore Labs (Kore) today announce that they have entered a strategic partnership to integrate Fundipedia’s enterprise fund data management solution with Kore’s product governance and end-to-end digital lifecycle management platform.

Connecting the two platforms enables investment managers to manage product design, creation, reviews, and changes efficiently and effectively. The combination eliminates silos of tasks and data to create a seamless flow of information between the teams involved. Firms are having to work harder than ever to differentiate themselves from their competitors due to a range of regulatory pressures, including Consumer Duty and upcoming reporting obligations such as PRIIPs. Against this background, accelerating the product development pipeline delivers significant business benefits.

The collaboration between Kore and Fundipedia ensures that the data dots are connected. From decisions made in the product design phase through to the creation of the product, dissemination of product data downstream, and onto the delivery of continuous monitoring of both commercial success and customer outcomes.

“Partnership with Kore makes a huge amount of sense for our investment manager clients. By combining the intelligent digital lifecycle that Kore creates to manage product decisions with the data and workflow capabilities in Fundipedia, our clients gain total end-to-end oversight and control of their products, from ideation to downstream dissemination. This is a win for both our clients and their customers. Providing a simplified way to meet multiple regulatory demands,” said Simon Swords, managing director of Fundipedia.

“For most asset managers, bringing products to market is a complex process that often results in information gaps and inefficiencies. Delivering a robust, auditable trail of all decisions made from product conception to retirement is particularly challenging due to the long product shelf-life, vasts amount of data, and multiple teams involved. This is coming into even sharper focus with the requirement to meet the new Consumer Duty regulations,” said Sabrina Del Prete, Founder and CEO at Kore Labs.

Del Prete continued, “Working with Fundipedia, we can deliver cradle-to-grave product management, governance, and controls with a full audit trail. All of which makes launch, review, and change cycles more efficient, allowing firms to be agile and innovative while giving boards confidence in their ongoing regulatory compliance.”

Commenting on the news, Gillian Painter, Head of Membership and Engine at the Investment Association, said, “We are delighted to see Kore Labs, a current member of the IA’s Engine Innovator programme working together with, Fundipedia, recent alumni. The UK is a global leader in FinTech, and their partnership is a testament to the programme’s ability to mentor and connect FinTech at crucial stages in their development. We look forward to seeing what’s next in the coming months.”