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Launch of our latest WealthTech Views Report: Data in Wealth Management

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 10/02/2022 14:00:00

A collection of views, insights and solutions around the role, potential and use of data in wealth management

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the latest report in our evolving WealthTech Views Report Series. Focused on Data in Wealth Management, this report collates the views, insights and solution offerings of eight players in the WealthTech market around the hugely significant topic of data in wealth management.

There is no getting away any longer from the growing importance of data, in its many forms, for the wealth management sector is clear. Indeed, today, data touches almost every aspect of a wealth management business and to say that data is critical to the industry is an understatement. It is fundamental and its relevance is growing. However, while data has been widely used across the wealth management market for a long time, the industry is only now scratching the surface of what data can really do for it and how to make the most of the opportunity to be found in data.

The contributions to this report consider the role of data, how it can be applied, what needs to be considered in making the most of data, and much more. What is clear is that data is a game-changer for wealth management but, at the same time, the industry has much to do to put into place the solid foundations required to get the most from the many forms of data it already has and that will increasingly be available to it. Combine that data with the growing capabilities within the technology market, and the industry has a hugely transformative opportunity available.

We hope you enjoy reading the contributions to this report and we thank our eight contributing firms for their insights, views and perspectives: FundCount, mnAI, Point Group, SIX, SS&C, TechRules, Umlaut and Wealth Dynamix.

Click the image below to access and download the full report.

We look forward to bringing you further reports in this and our other report series.

The Wealth Mosaic.

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