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Co-browsing best practices to improve customer experience

By Javier Puga, VP Marketing, Unblu

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by Unblu
| 10/02/2020 12:00:00

Today’s customers prioritize convenience and ease. This is why they want to conduct banking operations digitally. But while they value online solutions, they’re not yet ready to say goodbye to human-to-human contact. Financial services need to ensure that their digital services still offer the reassurance of speaking to a human advisor and are also personalized, specific to each customer.

One way that banks can provide this personalized digital experience is by offering co-browsing as a feature of their service. Co-browsing technology enables advisors to join customers within their browsing session, interacting and collaborating with them in real-time online.

A co-browsing feature has clear benefits from a sales point of view. By introducing a visual context, advisors are quickly able to see what the issue is and guide the customer through complicated processes, offering guidance at points where they might otherwise leave the site - or drop off. Co-browsing therefore reduces abandonments and improves conversion rates.

A co-browsing solution also empowers customer service advisors to deliver an exceptional experience. Customer issues are resolved faster and the experience is personalized, with advisors able to tailor guidance to each individual customer. Customers are far more satisfied than if they were encountering an impersonal automated service. Happy customers are more likely to return, so this also improves brand loyalty.

Co-browsing best practices for financial services
Co-browsing has the potential to transform customer service. Here are the best ways to use a co-browsing feature to both improve customer satisfaction and grow your business.

Show not tell
With co-browsing, advisors are able to show customers exactly how to do something rather than telling them. Instead of being given generic instructions over the phone, customers see how it is done right before their eyes. Not only does this clear the issue up faster but it also reduces repeat problems as customers learn how to solve problems themselves.

Level up
Take a phone or chat interaction to the next level by initiating a co-browsing session. This makes the experience more personal for the customer, who receives advice bespoke to their needs. Use document co-browsing to securely share and view documents alongside your customer, profiting from the draw and highlight feature to visually guide customers through complex information.

Security and compliance
Ensure the highest commitment to security by enabling the field masking function. This protects the customer's personal information during a co-browsing session by governing what the advisor is able to see. Furthermore, unlike screen-sharing, advisors and clients are only able to see the website or application - nothing else.

Right place, right time
Capitalize on the potential of co-browsing to prevent drop-offs by engaging at just the right moment, rescuing a customer who might otherwise be in danger of abandoning. You can also encourage customers to respond to calls-to-action or guide them towards a sale. By stepping in to help customers at a tricky stage of the process, advisors can improve conversion rates.

Accelerate sales
The co-browsing function can be used in conjunction with other features like audio or video chat to expand the opportunities for meaningful connections with customers. This level of attention will continue to improve the customer experience. During these enhanced exchanges, advisors can also use the customer’s higher level of satisfaction as a springboard for cross-selling or upselling.

Co-browsing & Unblu
Unblu’s Co-browsing solution for Conversational Banking allows banks to offer a personal service to customers and elevate their customer support experience to new heights.

Find out how you could deliver an exceptional service by combining the best of human and high-tech. Learn more by booking a demo today and one of Unblu’s team members will reach out to help.

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