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Using technology to engage with clients: The view from Unblu (part 2) - their solution offering

Q&A with Luc Haldimann, CEO of Unblu

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Unblu Conversational Platform

The Unblu Conversational Platform enables advisors and customers to engage, converse, browse & collaborate in the same web asset or mobile application simultaneously. Our customers leverage their existing investments in digital channels, increase the number of customer interactions and reduce the total cost of ownership. We provide highly secure engagement and...

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by Unblu
| 18/07/2020 12:00:00

What solutions do Unblu offer the market and how do you help wealth management firms meet the increasing needs of their clients?

2.1. Overview
Unblu makes seamless investing a reality, allowing a client and their advisor to research, communicate and make decisions together. And when things are made simpler and easier for the client, their trust and confidence in their advisor grow.

The Unblu Conversational Platform enables advisors and customers to engage, converse, browse and collaborate in the same web asset or mobile application simultaneously. Our customers leverage their existing investments in digital channels, increase the number of customer interactions and reduce the total cost of ownership.

We provide highly secure engagement and collaboration software that helps to increase revenue and efficiency while reducing costs and improving digital customer interaction. Clients using our technology have been able to achieve four times as many client meetings as in branches, increase customer satisfaction and produce a 90% recommendation rate, and cut customer support calls in half.

2.2. Benefits
We work with more than 150 financial institutions in the world, helping them to optimize their processes of advice, sales and online support. Our private banking client use our platform for topics such as:

  • Bring ideas to trade. Unblu features are gamechangers for relationship managers. Instead of leaving a client “alone” in a digital channel, the advisor is integrated into their daily life, providing advice when and how the client wants it. With an omnichannel presence, the advisor can guide the client through the decision-making process. All this is done in a fully-audited, compliant and 100% secure manner.
  • Be in their customer’s pocket. We facilitate all communication through a digital channel. We have subsequently built out the audio chat, video chat capability, the ability to share and visualize documents. Also the capability to then have a secure conversation which is akin to WhatsApp, run by the bank as a service for their clients.
  • One conversation space to communicate and share research. Unblu’s Co-Browsing feature turns investing research efforts into a collaborative and helpful exchange. Using co-browsing, the advisor is alongside the client, guiding the research process, navigating with them through websites and documents during their conversation.
  • Design hybrid customer journeys. A client can text their advisor if that’s what is convenient for them. Or if they have more time, they may hop into the car and spontaneously visit them. Regardless of the channel they use, Unblu picks up the conversation where they last left off. Ultimately there is no replacement for building a trusting relationship based on the very human aspects of needs, hopes, and fears. When humanity and expertise are combined with technological capabilities, the financial advisor can provide truly holistic experience.

There is no doubt that the implementation of our platform aims at improving different areas and processes of the wealth management firm or private bank, among which the following stand out:

  • Provide relevant and contextual financial advice. To survive and thrive in this new reality, private banks have to provide relevant and contextual financial advice that fits with a client’s situation. They also have to consistently demonstrate a true interest in their client’s financial well-being. These are challenging issues for the industry that will certainly shape the future. But our clients also see it as a window of opportunity for financial advisors to provide outstanding service to their clients and ultimately transform the customer experience.
  • Allow your clients to have an omnichannel relationship with their advisors. We allow clients to speak with their advisor when they want and how they want. While they have been quick to adopt online and mobile channels for service interactions, they still prefer human contact for important decisions. But they are reluctant to go into branch unless it’s for a worthwhile reason. In a world with fewer branches, financial advisors will have to rely less on the traditional workspace and instead leverage technology to drive client engagement and build relationships. Their workspace is evolving into a virtual space and they need to be as connected as their clients in order not just to keep up with them, but to provide virtual advice that is relevant and useful.

  • Equip advisors with the right tools. The spontaneous, natural flowing communication style of our everyday interactions is now available for our financial conversations. Connective digital tools like video chat, co-browsing and messenger allow the advisor and client to build a trusting relationship without needing to be in the same room. Financial advisors know these tools can extend their ability to address the needs, wants and preferences of their clientele.

2.3. Deployment and future developments
Amongst their competitors Unblu believe they are the only company which is 100% focused on the financial services industry. Our platform has been architected to scale across large businesses, address regulatory needs and provide a seamless migration from function to function within the same customer journey. The system has been in use in the banking industry for more than 10 years and features an extremely high degree of configurability

  • Unblu is designed to meet stringent data security and compliance requirements in the financial industry. The platform can be deployed on-premise or customers can use our Financial Cloud.
  • Supporting a highly regulated industry. Unblu understands Financial Services regulations and is built to meet required standards - whether stipulated by the local Market Regulator (Finma, Bafin, FCA, etc.) or through Pan European Regulations (GDPR, Mifid2, PSD2). • End to end capabilities. Our core platform integrates into existing digital channels (i.e does not require its own app). It turns a self-service platform into a multi-user application without changing the underlying software application. All the technology is built and owned by Unblu and is technically delivered through one encompassing platform.
  • Easily embedded. Unblu can easily be embedded in all the banking web and mobile assets, from public websites to e-banking secured portals and mobile apps.
  • Proven business value across many customers. Unblu is proven to reduce support time and costs, improve NPS, and increase client engagement and conversion rates.
  • Designed for complex implementations. As our platform has been designed with complex implementations in the financial industry in mind, it can integrate with existing systems. This spans CRMs, Call Center Applications, External Messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, and, of course, the Core Banking System.

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