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Introducing unblu at Finovate Fall in New York: the conversation space to create meaningful customer interactions

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The Unblu Conversational Platform enables advisors and customers to engage, converse, browse & collaborate in the same web asset or mobile application simultaneously. Our customers leverage their existing investments in digital channels, increase the number of customer interactions and reduce the total cost of ownership. We provide highly secure engagement and...

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by Unblu
| 08/08/2018 12:00:00

The Swiss software company unblu, a leader in supporting client-advisor collaboration in the financial industry, will introduce their latest product offering, unblu 5, at Finovate Fall. The event will take place in New York between the 24th and 26th of September 2018.

Unblu is empowering banks to engage with their clients in a new way, opening up conversations that are personalized and relevant. With over one hundred clients in the retail and private wealth banking space, unblu is at the forefront of conversational banking, providing secure and compliant support for the advisor-client relationship.

Use conversation to support your clients with Secure Messenger
The latest digital toolset includes Secure Messenger, the informal chatting experience that customers have been asking for. Secure Messenger helps banks close the impersonal digital gap between the customer and the bank. Whether a customer needs help with a transaction or wants more of a personal touch with investing, Secure Messenger empowers an advisor to efficiently guide a customer through transactions and provide relevant and personal advice. Along with this natural informal chatting experience, unblu enhances the client interaction, allowing the relationship manager to share proposals, documents and meet the customer on a video or voice call – all within the secure space of a conversation. These features improve the quality of the customer’s experience exponentially.

Fits into any environment and fulfils compliance requirements
The demo at Finovate will illustrate how unblu’s technology can fit into any infrastructure and security environment. Every interaction, whether on Secure Messenger, co-browsing, live chat or video, is documented as it occurs, instantly encrypted and stored either on the premise or in the cloud. This immediate archiving does two things for the customer-client relationship: it takes the struggle out of complying with documentation requirements while providing a secure conversation space to initiate relevant and worthwhile conversation with clients. Be available for your customer “The unblu suite integrates the personal relationship advisor into their client’s daily life, providing real-time advice when they want it and how they want it. Banks have to deliver these kind of meaningful customer experiences consistently”, says Greg Palmer, VP of Finovate. “Clients want their banks to understand their current financial situation and what may lay ahead. They want help with decision-making. The unblu suite provides personalized advice, guiding the customer through those decisions right when they want it,” says Palmer. “This is what customers are asking for, and if they don’t get it, they’ll look elsewhere to get what they want.”

Luc Haldimann, CEO of unblu, says that after participating in the last two Finovate events in London, going to the US is the next step. “It is an honour to participate in an event that continues to grow every year and which clearly is an unmissable event for all banking executives in charge of innovation. We are now opening our local branch in the US and we strongly believe that Finovate Fall is the right occasion to show the US financial sector how over 100 banks in Europe are improving their clients' digital experience using our technology”, says Haldimann.

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