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Thanks to Pax, brokers can now advise their customers online

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by Unblu
| 20/07/2020 12:00:00

Personal advice, just not in person - this is how Pax makes meetings possible despite current restrictions

Basel, July 2020 - Together with Unblu, the leading Swiss company in implementing communication and collaboration solutions for the financial sector, Pax has started to equip its brokers with tools that enable them to advise their clients online. "The need to digitally mobilize our brokers even more is of course not something we only just realized yesterday, but the 'pandemic' factor has increased the urgency enormously", says Ralf Marty, Project Manager Digital Customer Access and Services. Pax has had Unblu’s tools in full operation since April 2020, enabling Pax's brokers to interact seamlessly with their customers.

"Suddenly there was a lack of personal meetings between brokers and their clients, as well as personal training opportunities between Pax Account Managers and brokers", the Project Manager continues. The need was quickly defined: a simple tool with which brokers and Pax Account Managers could conduct client and broker visits online.

To meet this challenge, Pax chose Unblu's conversational platform for financial service providers. Because the ultimate customer experience begins with the creation of true personal relationships. And this is how it works: Pax sends an email to the broker with the access data to use the Unblu platform. The broker sets up his Unblu profile and is ready to start after just a few clicks. The broker starts a chat, a phone or video conversation with a customer by sending an email with the access link. The customer receives the e-mail and is immediately in contact with the broker with just one click. Then a chat, phone or video conversation can be conducted and documents can be discussed and filled in via co-browsing. Pax requested that no downloads be required, that digital customer interactions still take place in highly secure environments and that Unblu meet all required industry standards. All requirements were met without compromise.

"Pax has clearly understood how to make the best out of these difficult times and we have had an incredibly good start together so far, from the implementation of Unblu to the first successes of Pax brokers", says Lucius Giese, Unblu's Sales Director for Switzerland. Unblu's conversational platform was rolled out in a few weeks and allowed Pax to give a clear signal to their brokers: support at any time. With these new tools, Pax clearly stands out from other B2B insurance providers.

To find out more about how Pax puts its customers at the heart of its strategies with Unblu, visit

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