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Upcoming TWM webinar: WealthTech Talks - In conversation with Unblu

Taking place on Tuesday, July 14th at 3pm, UK time

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The Unblu Conversational Platform enables advisors and customers to engage, converse, browse & collaborate in the same web asset or mobile application simultaneously. Our customers leverage their existing investments in digital channels, increase the number of customer interactions and reduce the total cost of ownership. We provide highly secure engagement and...

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by Unblu
| 30/06/2020 17:29:11

In this edition of our ‘WealthTech Talks: In conversation with’ series, our co-founder Stephen Wall will interview Luc Haldimann, CEO, and Jens Rabe, COO, from Basel, Switzerland-headquartered Unblu. Through the interview with Luc and Jens, we will focus on understanding first of all (and in brief) the background and origins of Unblu, before focusing on the business today, it’s solution offering to the wealth management sector, the types of clients it works with and what it does for them, the firm’s views on the various drivers influencing and shaping the wealth management sector in general and with a specific focus on client engagement and management and, finally, where the market is moving both now and into the future and what needs to happen for wealth managers to survive and thrive into the future.

In more detail, we will speak to Luc and Jens on:

  • The origins and developments of the Unblu business since its founding
  • The firm’s current solution offering to the wealth management sector
  • The firm’s value proposition to the sector and what differentiates it from others
  • The type of clients the firm serves in the wealth management sector and where
  • The firm’s views on the various drivers of change around wealth management; what are they and what change are they creating
  • How Unblu sees the future of the wealth management sector

We look forward to our discussion with Luc and Jens on July 14th at 3pm UK time and learning more about Unblu and its role in the wealth management sector.