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Video calls and chats bring savers and investors closer to Renta 4 Banco's network of advisors

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by Unblu
| 27/04/2020 12:00:00

Continuing with its performance in the digitalization of services, Renta 4 Banco takes another step forward. To make the relationship with savers and investors more accessible and closer, it has launched a video call and chat service by the service provider Unblu, a leading Swiss company in the development and implementation of communication and collaboration solutions in the financial sector.

The project, which had been approved prior to the COVID - 19 outbreak, has been sped up to address the rise in demand during a time of intense market falls and high uncertainty, to be able to give clear and transparent information on the situation and the impact to savings and investments for everyone.

Thanks to Unblu's technology, Renta 4 Banco has enabled its managers to engage with customers via chat, secure messaging, video calls along with a number of collaboration tools that allow them to do their work with customers remotely. 

The selected platform has an extensive international track record in the financial sector and, in the words of Ricardo Elizo, Sales Director of the company for Iberia and Italy, "it is an honor to have one of the leading investment banking firms in our country among our clients. With the launch of this project, Renta 4 Banco is demonstrating its firm commitment to improving and innovating customer service. The future of banking, and especially investment banking, depends on the ability to make personal and personalized engagement more flexible in order to maintain confidence in the online channel with equal or greater weight than in the face-to-face channel".

Carlos Ruiz, Network Director of Renta 4 Banco comments, "the more than 250 specialist investment advisors in our network, distributed throughout Spain, have been equipped with this new technology which allows them to attend and advise their clients remotely. That is, with all the quality of a personal engagement that has always characterized our service without the need to travel to the office" and he adds, "our advisors can now utilize video calls, engage via chat and even share the desktop with the client to give clear advice and guidance regarding their savings or investments".

For Miguel Jaureguízar, Head of Digital at Renta 4 Banco, "the bank's main concern over the last few months has been to protect our investors' assets, and once this objective has been achieved, we now seek to be closer to our clients. We want to be able to offer them the same quality of service that they are used to, even if the channels we have to use are different". 

Likewise, the main responsible for the digitalization of the organization emphasizes that "this project had been approved months ago and is part of the digitization plan of the company. Our clients and advisors are very demanding with us and have been demanding more tools to be able to be in contact and collaborate with each other, and that is precisely what we have provided them". 

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