Solution introduction

A comprehensive solution to your organic growth problem

Growth demonstrates a strong company with happy clients, yields expanding career paths for employees, and is the most valuable health barometer for any firm

Yet most advisors are barely growing organically and possibly getting worse at it. Plummeting from 9% just a few years ago, the average RIA’s growth rate is just 3%, after market performance and acquisitions are removed.* Something is wrong.

That's why we created the DeVoe GrowthBuilder™
DeVoe & Company has developed the industry’s first comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to helping RIAs grow. The DeVoe GrowthBuilder is an intelligently designed growth consulting program that incorporates strategic thinking, technology, tools, frameworks, and coaching to deliver results.

Typical engagements last several months and may continue for a year or more. Components include:

  • Assessing your firm’s performance across the five stages of the growth lifecycle based on a 45-point questionnaire. Get started with a complimentary DeVoe GrowthDiagnostic.
  • Meeting with your leadership team to understand the goals, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  • Crafting a customized growth plan based on your firm’s situation.
  • Delivering ongoing coaching to the advisors/relationship managers to work on and improve performance in each area
  • Reviewing and recalibrating. Together, we will build a growth machine.

The process is methodical and disciplined, focused on changing behavior and achieving lasting results across the five stages of the growth lifecycle.

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