Solution introduction

Develop and enhance the foundations for successful sales execution and processes

A range of available services aligned with actual selling, namely the execution of the plan

Popular services include:

Targeted sales opportunity development: Taking personal sales responsibility for the development of specific opportunities, for example, a discrete target market, or the top priorities that attended an event or webinar.

The sales process: Define the core stages and steps that need to be followed in support of a sale.

Sales materials: Create, refine and define client meeting materials, and supporting information.

Pre sales: Define its role, how the system / service is demonstrated to clients, what the key messages are, how it relates to the target audience.

The business case for change: What materials, methods, case studies, metrics are available, to be able to support and assist the client to construct a compelling business case for investment.

Pricing model: Considerations of the range of options available for the product or service, as detailed in the appendix, which aligns the market requirement with the needs of the supplier.

Key Data

Client Regional Presence
  • Western Europe

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