Opus Una Case Study

Client case study: Opus Una - a UK wealth manager

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Product Development & Governance

Successful product development requires a deep understanding of the firm’s strategy and operations, technical product expertise, excellent project management skills, a sound understanding of risk management, laser-focus on client outcomes and robust product governance to be in place. Product governance itself extends beyond developing policy, process and frameworks. How these are embedded into...

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Programme Management

We are experts in business transformation. Our resources have learned their consulting craft at some of the world’s best known consultancies. They have also worked ‘in-house’ as practitioners in top tier banks and wealth managers. We believe that this blend of consulting discipline and practitioner experience is a key determinant...

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by Opus Una
| 10/01/2018 16:53:41

Client profile
Wealth management division of a UK-based global banking group.

Our client, the wealth management division of a global banking group wanted to ensure that its product development processes, governance and organisation were optimised and aligned with regulatory principles.

What we did

  • Led review of product design processes against conduct risk principles
  • Worked with leadership team to design and mobilise new client solutions and products and services development functions
  • Delivered recommendations to senior management for enhancements to process and governance
  • Led products and services response to FCA enquiry on readiness for RDR

Outcome delivered

  • Increased consistency and rigour around how products and services are delivered and aligned with regulatory principles
  • Improved connectivity between product teams and coverage teams globally
  • More effective assessment of commercial viability of new products and improved gathering and use of client insight