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Insinger Gilissen: Private bank

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by Ortec Finance
| 01/05/2018 12:00:00

"We are not afraid to challenge each other" says Tom Loonen of InsingerGilissen, who is convinced that the work of private bankers will not be made superfluous by digitization. He, however, also acknowledges the fact that digitization indeed produces good tools that can help him facilitate customers.

"If banks like us want to sustain a high service level, we will need to digitize. InsingerGilissen is part of KBL European Private Bankers (KBL epb) and is one of the largest private banks in the Netherlands", says Loonen. "We focus on wealthy families and entrepreneurs, with whom we like to build long-term relationships. As a bank we deal with investments and managing assets, but especially with facilitating our clients. Think of taking over their private administration, or drawing up an independent estate plan or financial plan that we update every five years. We do this with external, independent planners. In this we are unique and we dare to make ourselves vulnerable. If a planner has a piece of advice that goes against the interest of the bank, then so be it. We accept that. Of course we have in-house experience, but we want to provide truly independent advice."

"We appreciate that Ortec Finance positions itself as an independent party that also dares to pose critical questions about our governance, investment policy, and how we guarantee good risk management," adds Loonen.

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