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The Wealth Mosaic releases its WealthTech Views Report: Using technology to engage with clients

Collating the views from 14 solution providers and thought leaders from across the globe

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 18/06/2020 06:00:00

The Wealth Mosaic releases its WealthTech Views Report: Using technology to engage with clients. The second in its new WealthTech Views Report series, this report features the views on how technology can support and enhance client engagement in the wealth management space from 14 technology vendors active across Asia, Europe, North America and other regions in the world.

London, June 18th, 2020 – The Wealth Mosaic (TWM), the unique digital directory of solution providers, solutions and content focused on and built around the business needs of wealth managers across the world, is pleased to announce the release of its second WealthTech Views Report, this time focused on a hugely timely and relevant topic: ‘Using technology to engage with clients’.

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has caused such disruption and a wide range of negative impact to our social and economic norms, the wealth management sector, an industry built over generations on principles of personal relationships between advisors and clients, has found itself in dire need of modern, flexible and robust technologies to maintain communications and relationships with its clients. Travel, face-to-face meetings and paper-based communication will not stand up to the impact of COVID-19 when clients, increasingly expectant of modern digital tools and experiences, are fearful, stressed and demanding direct, easy and fast access to their information, advice and advisors. New technology tools are now absolutely essential to deliver the modern wealth management experience to the sector’s clients. 

This timely report includes the views from 14 solution providers and thought leaders from across the globe, with participants headquartered in Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK and the US. Each thought leader has presented their views on how technology can help wealth managers better engage with clients and highlighted how their solutions can help firms achieve their objective of providing the best client service possible.

The main views on the market from the participants are as follows:

  • Covid-19 is accelerating the investment made by wealth management firms in digital solutions to enable them to better engage with clients. It is now considered a must-have, as opposed to a nice to have.
  • There is a common view that wealth managers need to offer an omni-channel approach to ensure they cater to their clients' needs, depending on their circumstances and individual preferences.
  • Some wealth managers are seeing the on-going reduction in their margins as a barrier to investing in technology to help them improve their service and operations.
  • The use of technology can free advisors up from the many manual tasks they currently have to perform so they can concentrate on adding value to their clients.
  • On-going client engagement can be enhanced by the use of targeted marketing and messaging from the use of AI. However, it is understood that human interaction (physical or digital) remains key.

“Given the current challenging backdrop it is clear that wealth managers across the world need to invest in digital client engagement tools as social distancing measures and restrictions on travel mean that firms can no longer rely on the traditional methods of engagement. From the participants in our report it is clear there are far wider benefits from doing this, as communicating via email and video chats is just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits sophisticated client engagement software can bring” said Simon Ramery, Co-Founder and Director at The Wealth Mosaic.

Please click on the image below to access the report.

Report contributors
We’d like to thank all of the below for their contributions to the report:

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