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A comprehensive wealth planning and investment advisory solution

Instant. Realistic. Individual. Sustainable.

We provide financial institutions with modular and flexible, white-labelled Software-as-a-Service and API solutions that improve, automate and visualise wealth planning interactively. Our solutions can be configured flexibly to create different use cases along the whole wealth management value chain. This is possible because we follow a service-based architecture, always use the same backend, and base everything we do on open standards. If all of our capabilities are combined, we offer a MiFID II compliant advisory process.

Visualise how life events affect your client’s wealth

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The Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) Munich took place on the 28th and 29th of September and is one of Europe’s most established insurance innovation and InsurTech festivals. We had the opportunity to......

Climate Change goes digital


The implications of climate change on wealth management


Wealth Planning 2.0 - Instant. Realistic. Individual. Sustainable.

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We believe in modern, open IT architecture. Hence, our product range is completely modular and our quantitative modelling engine is separated from our various user interfaces. This allows you to select and combine the products and modules which provide the biggest value to our clients. Implement our solutions as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or via API.

Our modules:
The profiling module profiles the client in line with regulatory requirements (K&E, risk profiling, etc.).

The wealth planning module instantly calculates how likely clients are to achieve their individual life goals based on their current wealth structure. For this purpose, we include all their assets, also non-bankable ones like real estate, art, or assets booked at 3rd-parties. Life events like disability, divorce, or marriage are also considered and can be simulated accordingly. The mitigation of such events via insurance products can be simulated as well.

In a second step, the wealth planning module searches for the optimal asset allocation based on the specific goals and individual wealth structure of each client. The client-specific asset allocation maximises the likelihood that all goals are achieved, considering thousands of capital market and inflation scenarios. In contrast to existing solutions, clients do not get a standardised investment strategy but a fully bespoke strategy that is tested against thousands of market scenarios. This always improves the individual situation of clients. We are completely flexible to change the optimisation functions and processes to the needs of our B2B clientele.

In a third step, we recommend investment products based on the client’s specific investment preferences while considering product quality at the same time. The client can indicate the investment preferences in detail like SME focus, high dividend yield and ecological investments. Overall, our algorithm covers more than 20 such investment beliefs and combines those with the quality of the investment products to make a suitable and bespoke recommendation.

Our modern IT architecture is flexible to adapt any of the modules to our clients' needs. We provide several client journeys or provide a pure API solution without GUI if clients want to develop the front-end on their own.


Gamification: Instant calculation and display of outputs with every input.

360° view: All influencing factors considered (e.g. cashouts, pensions, life risks, market crashes, savings, climate change, inflation, longevity ...) in all possible scenarios.

Holistic advice: Integration of all liquid asset classes, liabilities, goals, events, cash flows, sustainability and investment preferences.

Optimisation: Various optimisation functions improve goal achievement, minimise risk, minimise CVAR, maximise performance, etc. Evaluation of all possible market scenarios to find the best recommendation.

Realistic & robust projections: Forward-looking advice for thousands of possible market scenarios (non-normality, exogenous shocks) with modelling of taxes, fees, dividends, interest rates, pension systems, rebalancing, etc.

Sustainable investing: Integration of sustainability and climate risks in all steps of the advisory process incl. impact of climate change onto wealth development and goal achievement.

Portfolio construction: Investment- and belief-based portfolio construction logic on funds and single instruments.

Strategic flexibility: Modular SaaS/ REST API solution, available with multiple UIs or as pure API, ensuring strategic flexibility for further developments like new use cases, rollout to new jurisdictions, etc.

Key Data

  • Subscription (SaaS)
Type of Clients
  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
  • Brokers/Broker-Dealers
  • Digital Wealth Manager
  • Financial Advisors
Client Regional Presence
  • Asia
  • North America
  • Western Europe

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