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The Wealth Mosaic releases its first Swiss Wealth Technology Landscape Report

The Swiss Wealth Technology Landscape Report 2020, a directory-based report highlighting over 300 relevant technology and related solution providers that support the technology and related business needs of the Swiss wealth management sector

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The WealthTech Landscape Report Series (WTLRs)

The Wealth Technology Landscape Report Series (WTLRs) takes the solutions and solution provider marketplace that we host in our digital platform, segments them in different ways (see below) and creates written reports which are formed of a content and opinion element and a directory element. These reports support and enhance the...

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 16/04/2020 06:00:00

London, April 16th, 2020 – The Wealth Mosaic (TWM), the unique digital directory of solution providers, solutions and content focused on and built around the business needs of wealth managers across the world, is pleased to announce the release of the Swiss Wealth Technology Landscape Report 2020. A directory-led report which, in this first edition includes over 300 solution providers relevant to the technology and related business needs of wealth managers in Switzerland, is focused on creating the most comprehensive and accessible directory of technology and related solution providers relevant to the broad range of business needs of wealth management businesses in Switzerland. More broadly, the creation of this report is part of TWM’s ongoing research to uncover, profile, categorise and engage the international marketplace of solution providers to the wealth management sector so wealth management companies of all types can find solutions that meet their increasing business needs.

“In wealth management geographies across the world, the sector is changing at a pace not seen before. In a historic and market-leading wealth management jurisdiction like Switzerland, this reality represents both a clear and present challenge to its status and size as well as a concrete opportunity to not just maintain that position but to grow and advance it. However, the Swiss wealth management marketplace cannot rely on its historic status and strengths and continue to do business like it did in the past. Times have moved on and it is our firm belief that it will only be through an intelligent and committed engagement with the many new and powerful technology capabilities that now exist around the sector that Switzerland, as a market-leading wealth management centre, will not just maintain its historic position but have the chance to enhance it into the future," said Stephen Wall, Co-Founder and Head of Marketplace & Content at The Wealth Mosaic.

He added: "looking at the modern technology landscape, we see both the power of these solutions but also a growing fragmentation and complexity as to what solutions are out there and available to wealth managers in Switzerland. First of all, it is fantastic that the wealth management sector now has so much more technology and solution providers to select from. However, the downside to this is the clear potential for confusion from wealth managers as well as other players active in the marketplace. The creation of our website is one way in which we are trying to bring much of this marketplace and supporting knowledge resources together and, now, with the publication of the Swiss Wealth Technology Landscape Report 2020, we hope to have created a resource that can develop, grow and adapt to support the knowledge needs of the Swiss wealth management marketplace in terms of the technology provider landscape that exists around them."

Simon Ramery, Co-Founder and Head of Sales at The Wealth Mosaic, added: “This is the first in a planned annual report series specifically for the Swiss wealth management sector, which, with the support of our ongoing process of research and curation for our website, will bring together the complete technology and related solution provider marketplace for the knowledge needs of the Swiss market. Given the level of innovation achieved each year, we believe our Swiss report will be a great way for participants in the sector to keep on top of how technology companies are helping the Swiss wealth management sector grow and evolve in this exciting period of change.”

Ramery added: "We’d like to thank those firms that participated in providing their insights and contributions to help bring this report together. What is clear in their writing and profiling is that the role and potential of technology to support the business needs of wealth managers has leaped forward in modern times. The cumbersome, inflexible and expensive solutions of the past are becoming a distant memory……almost! Whether focused on data, insights, compliance, client discovery, client acquisition, portfolio building and management, personalization, advisor-enablement, Cloud deployment or many other aspects of this new environment, the infrastructure and richness of capability that is increasingly available is a new boon for the potential and opportunity of the Swiss wealth management sector.”

Key report features
The report includes the following characteristics:

  • 13 articles from solution providers
  • 6 interviews with market participants and influencers
  • 18 solution providers in the featured section of the directory
  • 288 further solution providers included in the main A-Z section of the directory
  • Solution providers originating from 21 geographies

Supporting and featured solution providers
We’d also like to thank all of the below for their contributions to the report:


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