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The Wealth Mosaic releases its UK Wealth Technology Landscape Report 2020

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 23/11/2020 12:10:41

The Wealth Mosaic is pleased to announce the publication of its second UK Wealth Technology Landscape Report which aims to be the definitive guide for UK wealth management firms as they seek solutions to meet their evolving business needs. The report is based on The Wealth Mosaic’s fast-growing website.

Alongside a directory of 676 solution providers, the report features 20 informative articles and interviews and more than 30 featured solution provider profiles. For any wealth manager in the UK, the report provides a uniquely focused, accessible and relevant resource that can be used in combination with The Wealth Mosaic website to support their technological knowledge, planning and strategy.

London, November 12th, 2020 – The Wealth Mosaic (TWM), the intelligence resource and online directory of solutions and solution providers focused on the global wealth management sector, is pleased to announce the release of the UK Wealth Technology Landscape Report 2020 (UK WTLR 2020). Featuring a categorised directory with 676 solution provider entries, 34 featured solution provider profiles and a range of articles and interviews from technology, consulting, research and events firms around the UK wealth management sector, this second UK WTLR is the result of TWM’s ongoing research process to uncover, categorise and engage the entire marketplace of solution providers to the wealth management sector in the UK and elsewhere.

This directory-led report effort, which the TWM team will repeat and release annually, has grown significantly this year in terms of the firms included in the solution provider directory (676, up from 447 in 2019) and in terms of the market knowledge and thought leadership provided by the report’s article and interviews. All-in-all, the UK WTLR 2020 process, backed up by the TWM website, represents another step forward in our overarching efforts to support the knowledge, planning and strategic business needs of the UK wealth management sector.

“The role of technology in the delivery and competitive positioning and relevance of the wealth management sector, here in the UK as well as around the world, is increasingly unchallenged. It has long been true that technology has been a strategic business necessity in this marketplace but, if we are being honest, the technology was not good enough, flexible enough or accessible enough to warrant a place at the strategic table. The wealth management sector did not love technology! The times have changed, however, and technology has changed too. This reality, alongside the oft-talked about drivers of change around the industry, of which technology is one along with others such as regulation and client expectations, have combined to thrust technology to the front of the strategic agenda for many wealth managers and certainly those with an eye on the future", said Stephen Wall, Co-Founder and Head of Marketplace & Content at The Wealth Mosaic and the publisher of this report.

“Let’s be honest, how else can wealth management businesses meet regulatory rules, attract new advisers and clients, drive efficiencies into their business, create and maintain relevance to the next generation (and even the current generation of wealth holders), make the most out of the data they hold and can access, be accessible to their clients when needed, and so much more? It is simple: technology is the key. Fortunately, as this report very clearly highlights, the wealth management marketplace is the target for far more relevant technology offerings than it ever has been in the past and much of it is as like to call it: built for wealth.”

Simon Ramery, Co-Founder of The Wealth Mosaic, said: “We launched The Wealth Mosaic in 2017 as we saw, along with the many entrepreneurs building WealthTech companies across the globe, the significant need for the wealth management sector to more heavily and intelligently invest in technology to remain relevant and competitive first of all, and then thrive in what is becoming an increasingly competitive environment. Our UK WTLR 2020, therefore, pulls out the market intelligence we have built in The Wealth Mosaic that caters specifically on the UK market. By very clearly focusing this report on the UK wealth management sector, we are supporting firms with a clear view on what is out there to enhance and improve their businesses through technology”.

Key report features

The UK WTLR 2020 includes the following core characteristics:

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The Wealth Mosaic (TWM) is a curated, research-led marketplace directory of solution providers and solutions, all relevant to the business needs of wealth managers across the globe. Built with a specific focus on a changing wealth management sector, the TWM digital marketplace directory consists of thousands of business and solution profiles categorised against a dedicated taxonomy to support their discovery and engagement. For wealth managers, TWM is designed to support their need to be able to more easily and efficiently discover the solutions and solution providers that are increasingly relevant to the needs of their business. For solution providers, TWM is about supporting their positioning, exposure and business development needs in a more complex world. Together, TWM is aimed at narrowing the knowledge gap between the buyers (wealth management firms) and sellers (solution providers) and supporting them to connect and do business. To support and drive that, TWM is building a deep content resource around the directory and a set of tools and services (online and offline) to help both sides better navigate, connect and understand the dynamic marketplace in which they work.

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Stephen Wall
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